fic: bliss
title: bliss
author: plastictear
paitings: qmi, hinted hanchul
rating: nc-17
genre: pwp, motor sports!au
words: 2100
summary: zhou mi and kyuhyun are the two biggest stars of the motor sports scene, but there's a lot more between them than what meets the public eye.
a/n: this is possibly quite inaccurate, since i don't really know anything about motocross/speedway/whatever, but this barely has anything to do with sports, so I guess it's okay. This was originally posted for qmidayeveryday, here.

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I'm not actually dead!

When I started up this community, I never thought I'd get more than a few watchers/members, not to even mention 100 or more. It means a lot to me that people actually think my writing is worth reading, so this is very special to me ;w; I know I haven't been posting for ages, but a lot has been happening in my life so I hope you understand. I'm currently trying to finish a couple chaptered fics, and hopefully I can start posting something soon again :3

Thank you all for support, and I hope I LJ will stay alive at least for a little while longer OTL

Here have a sloth baby:


for those who are moving/care
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fanfic: don't wanna stop, will you come with me?
title: don't wanna stop, will you come with me?
author: plastictear
pairing: hanchul, mentioned sichul and mimin
rating: pg-13
genre: romance, au
words: 1100
summary: heechul went to china after siwon but stays for someone entirely different
a/n: another drabble into the model!verse. this is is placed after hello fascination, and i think someone has already been asking for a sequel to it? so here you go :D

also i know, i suck and still haven't posted or even written all the drabble requests (i have one or two left) but i've been very sick for a while, and i've been trying to take care of my health and so haven't been on the computer much. please bear with me, i'm trying to get them all done, but i also have the qmi fic exchange to do :(

♫ breathe carolina - can i take you home?

i don't mean to rush or be obviousCollapse )

fanfic: please stop fighting wars with me
title: please stop fighting wars with me
author: plastictear
pairing: kyumin
rating: pg-13
genre: romance, angst, drama
words: 1 280
summary+a/n: a fic requested by afairash who wanted kyumin angst with a happy ending. title from eighteen vision's said and done.

count the moon and starsCollapse )

a/n2: again, i'm late with these but life's been busy. only one this time, i'm just trying to post these as i get them done.

fanfic: king of thieves
title: king of thieves
author: plastictear
pairing: qmi
rating: pg-13
genre: angst, au
words: 1000
summary: i'll play the victim, 'cause you planned it out
a/n: i felt like trying something new, so. every paragraph of the fic is exactly 100 words long, writing style is a little different than usually.

♫ christina grimmie - king of thieves

inside i'm hollow 'cause you carved my heart outCollapse )

a/n2: idk, was feeling experimental e___e tell me if it's any good

fanfic: today i don't feel like doing anything (except you)
title: today i don't feel like doing anything (except you)
author: plastictear
pairing: qmi
rating: hard r/light nc-17
genre: smut, humour
words: 930
summary: it's saturday and zhou mi and kyuhyun are taking it easy.
a/n: a fic request/picture prompt for fonulyn! title sort of from bruno mars' the lazy song.

lazy saturdays are the bestCollapse )

a/n2: yeah, it's mostly just pwp that ignores most of the prompt but that's okay.

fanfic: you won't feel so hollow
title: you won't feel so hollow
author: plastictear
pairing: qmi
rating: r
genre: angst, au
words: 1 200
warnings: cheating
summary: breaking hearts was never something zhou mi knew how to do; unless it was his own.
a/n: qmi angst requested by imxaxreader. and i know i'm absolute crap at updating, and i was supposed to post fic two weekends ago, but i've been sick a lot again and busy with exams, sorry about that. i was supposed to update these in the order i got the requests, but since not all of them are done, i'll just update what i've got ready right now.

he loved kyuhyun, so he told himself every dayCollapse )

fanfic: 讓愛留下記號 (let love leave its mark on us)
title: 讓愛留下記號 (let love leave its mark on us)
author: plastictear
pairing: kyuhyun/zhou mi/siwon
rating: pg
genre: romance/friendship
words: ~1050
summary+a/n: "something/anything to do with siwon/kyuhyun/zhou mi + elva/show luo wow song; zhou mi's next solo and choreo practice for said song", requested by vintagentleman

♫ elva hsiao feat. show luo - wow

wowCollapse )

fanfic: hey, i'm mister dimple
title: hey, i'm mister dimple
author: plastictear
pairing: wonkyu
rating: pg-13
genre: fluff, romance
words: 415
summary+a/n: "wonkyu with kyuhyun and siwon's dimples as prompts", requested by therapy00.

sorry i'm so late with these, but i've been sick a lot and have been unable to write much. i'll be posting two fic requests per week, so all of these should be posted in a month. after that i'm going to be on a slight semi-hiatus and concentrate on my qmi fic exchange fic.

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