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fanfic: hey, i'm mister dimple
plastictear wrote in chemicalsunset
title: hey, i'm mister dimple
author: plastictear
pairing: wonkyu
rating: pg-13
genre: fluff, romance
words: 415
summary+a/n: "wonkyu with kyuhyun and siwon's dimples as prompts", requested by therapy00.

sorry i'm so late with these, but i've been sick a lot and have been unable to write much. i'll be posting two fic requests per week, so all of these should be posted in a month. after that i'm going to be on a slight semi-hiatus and concentrate on my qmi fic exchange fic.

Siwon was sure there was no better sight to wake up to than Kyuhyun's sleeping face, his tousled hair falling over his closed eyes, cheek mashed against his pillow. Gazing fondly at Kyuhyun's rising and falling chest and the involuntary twitch of his nose, Siwon smiled and ran a hand down Kyuhyun's bare arm, stopping to entwine their fingers together.

This woke Kyuhyun quickly up, his eyes disorientated as he looked up at Siwon's face, looking grumpy. Kyuhyun muttered something that almost sounded like an insult, but Siwon just grinned widely, even more so when he caught Kyuhyun staring at him with enticed eyes.

Siwon's eyes were playful as Kyuhyun flushed slightly and leaned over to kiss Siwon before hiding under the blanket with a harrumph.

Later, after they both had crawled out of bed, Kyuhyun was brushing his teeth while Siwon insisted on helping him brush his messy hair, humming happily while carding a brush through Kyuhyun's mop.

Their gazes met through the bathroom mirror, Kyuhyun rolling his eyes at the blissful expression on Siwon's face before bending down to rinse his mouth. When he straightened, there were still remnants of toothpaste on the corner of his mouth, and before he could wipe it off, Siwon had his jaw pinned between his fingers, his thumb brushing the smears away.

Kyuhyun's face was growing red steadily again, but Siwon only smiled at him, all dimples and white flashing teeth. How could Kyuhyun stay mad though, when Siwon was smiling at him like that, mouth curved and eyes shining?

Siwon leaned down to kiss Kyuhyun's mouth, the corners of it, his cheeks. He placed another set of kisses across Kyuhyun's nose and eyelids, and a final one on the dimple under his lower lip, Siwon's mouth warm on Kyuhyun's skin.

Their mouths moved together slowly, Kyuhyun sighing into the kiss as Siwon hoisted him against a wall and everything else was soon forgotten.

During the rehearsal of Music Bank, Siwon met Kyuhyun's eyes across the stage and they both smiled, a secretive grin that had Sungmin raising a brow at them. Kyuhyun shrugged him off and continued smiling, all dimples and flashing white teeth, knowing Siwon was no better.

Afterwards, high on the feeling of winning, Siwon had Kyuhyun's face cradled between his hands, lips eager and hard as he tried to kiss Kyuhyun while smiling so widely. Kyuhyun returned the smile, their teeth clicking together, all dimples and flashing white teeth.

What more could you need?

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What more could you need? nothing more, bb...nothing more....

*is contented*

This had me ^________________^ so much!

dimples, dimples, dimples!!!!
that's all I need!! :D

What more could you need?

none of them talked!!0_o
yet i felt their Wonkyu love charm! :-)
i really luved it...cute dimples..

Thank you, I'm glad you liked it :)

Waaah! <3 I feel all warm inside! This is so cute! ^^ Thank you so much for it!!

You're welcome, and thank you, I'm glad to hear you liked it! :)

Full of fluff today
And im happy about it :)

The way siwon gave Kyu big smile, it's too amazing.

I love your fict :)

Thank you! :) Glad you enjoyed it.

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