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fanfic: 讓愛留下記號 (let love leave its mark on us)
plastictear wrote in chemicalsunset
title: 讓愛留下記號 (let love leave its mark on us)
author: plastictear
pairing: kyuhyun/zhou mi/siwon
rating: pg
genre: romance/friendship
words: ~1050
summary+a/n: "something/anything to do with siwon/kyuhyun/zhou mi + elva/show luo wow song; zhou mi's next solo and choreo practice for said song", requested by vintagentleman

♫ elva hsiao feat. show luo - wow

It was no secret that thousands upon thousands girls and boys looked up to Siwon, dreamed to be him, with him. He had the looks, the body, the charm. Siwon was a good son, someone you would introduce to your parents with pride, and who would treat you with respect and love.

People often said he was perfect, someone to truly admire.

Kyuhyun may not have had a body to match Siwon's, and he wouldn't have showed it off even if he had, nor were his acne scarred cheeks as attractive as the dimples on Siwon's face, but he had his ways too. He had the voice that made people tear up and swoon, the kind of voice that made girls fall in love with him. People liked his personality too, something about the edge of snarkiness in it, the silent caring he had for the people around him.

He wasn't perfect, fat from it, but people saw beauty in his flaws, turning them into his good sides.

They were both looked up to and adored, the ideal type of countless girls and even a few boys. They on the other hand saw it quite differently.

Siwon didn't wake up every morning and think how handsome he was, nor did Kyuhyun feel the need to gush over every sound his vocal chords squeezed out. To them, they weren't perfect or worth envying, far from it. In their eyes, perfection was something completely else.

The bass beat of the song vibrated through the whole room, heavy and tantalizing amidst the mirrors and windows. Kyuhyun was huddled on a couch, knees drawn to his chest and a blanket over his shoulders. He had suffered from a slight cold for the previous couple of days, and he had only been allowed into the practice room wrapped inside a heavy blanket, a grey beanie covering his messy hair.

Siwon had an arm around him, a bottle of water with a straw in his other hand for Kyuhyun. He was pressed tightly against Kyuhyun's side, keeping him warm just in case the blanket didn't manage to do so. Despite the close quarters, they weren't looking at each other, eyes barely even leaving the centre of the room.

Kyuhyun bit his lip and coughed weakly as Zhou Mi cocked his hips, feet moving to the rhythm of the song and lips moving without a sound. He could see sweat running down Zhou Mi's neck, along the curve of his spine through his drenched t-shirt. Another roll of hips, arms flying in air, Zhou Mi breathing sharply though his nose.

Siwon squeezed his hip a little harder as the song started again, for what seemed like the millionth time and Zhou Mi swayed, leaning against one of the mirrors to gasp for air. They both tensed and Siwon leaned up, ready to go to help if something happened. Zhou Mi hadn't vomited so far, but it wasn't out of ordinary, and neither of them wanted to leave him alone to it.

Zhou Mi sent them a dazzling though tired smile and took a long gulp of water from a nearby bottle, chest heaving and hair plastered to his forehead. Kyuhyun tried to smile back, to ignore the ache that must've been straining Zhou Mi's every muscle, but it probably looked more like his lips having a seizure.

The song started over again, and Zhou Mi started dancing along to it, eyes hard and determined. Siwon and Kyuhyun both knew better than to suggest he rest, knowing the first date of their new tour was only in a couple of days. Zhou Mi wanted it to be perfect, practice the choreography and vocals until he could do it in his sleep. As a singer, Kyuhyun understood the perfectionism; it still didn't make it any easier to see someone he loved push themselves until they nearly broke.

While so many people thrived to be even a fraction of what Siwon and Kyuhyun were, idolized them and screamed their name to the point of exhaustion, the two of them admired something completely else.

Maybe rest of the world outside his tight-knit circle of fans didn't hold Zhou Mi in that much value, didn't see the hours he spent sweating for even the people who hated him despite the fact he loathed the very aspect of exercising. Those people didn't matter, not them or their opinions. To Kyuhyun and Siwon, Zhou Mi and his undying determination and bright attitude, the way he embraced the world even when it attempted to break him down, was everything you could admire in a person. Even when it got him in trouble a little too often.

Midway to the song, Zhou Mi's legs gave out under him, his behind colliding with the floor. Siwon sighed and got up, patting Kyuhyun's knee before making his way to Zhou Mi. Enough is enough, he murmured against Zhou Mi's sweaty jaw and walked him to the sofa, placing him next to Kyuhyun.

Kyuhyun dried away sweat from his forehead with the edge of his blanket, placing a chaste kiss to the corner of Zhou Mi's jaw before Siwon made him drink half a bottle of water in one go. Zhou Mi smiles, apologetic and sheepish, sinking into the two pairs of arms enveloping him in a hug.

They lie squashed together on the old couch, Kyuhyun's nose in the crook of Zhou Mi's sweaty neck and Siwon with his arm around both of them to hold them close. It was sort of cramped and not so comfortable with Zhou Mi reeking of sweat and Kyuhyun's nose runny and wet against his neck, but it was the three of them together, so none of them felt the need to complain.

Siwon kissed Zhou Mi's cheek and leaned against his shoulder, smiling at Kyuhyun's closed eyes and lax expression, the younger boy nearly asleep inside his blanket cocoon. Zhou Mi leaned his head backwards, resting his cheek on the top of Kyuhyun's head, despite the scratchy feel of his beanie.

Silently in their minds Kyuhyun and Siwon both agreed that Zhou Mi, sandwiched between them and smiling just a little brighter for them, was the closest you could get to perfection.

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I just paused my murder mystery DVD to read this I hope you know how much it means! XD ahaha feel special.

But seriously ;~; so much emotion right now! I loved how you described Zhou Mi dance since it was something absolutely amazing. I could see it in my eyes, how he was striving for perfection and pushing himself to the point of exhaustion. Mimimi~ ;~; And Kyuhyun? I loved him wrapped in a blanket and all. Aw and the gentle, caring Siwon~ N'awww. I never really (surprisingly) thought of them three together but it actually works! \o/

Thank you for sharing~ ♥

Thank you, I will! XD

Thank youuu, I'm really glad you liked it ;A; I was so unsure about this, dfjdkfjd, it's good to hear that it didn't suck. :3

omg. ;____________; This is so pretty I can't. ;__; I love love love how you included the part about how Zhou Mi hates sweating but yet he practices nonstop to reach perfection in his performances and it's just really something that not enough people value. T______T <333

Omg why did this make me tear up this is so pretty. T___T

Also Siwon taking care of sick!Kyu. ; ~ ; I may not be a wonkyu shipper (okay who am I kidding everyone ships Wonkyu because they're wonderful) but I absolutely love how they interact and how Siwon takes care of Kyuhyun and protects Zhou Mims and it's just ahhh. T____T My creys I need an ocean for them.

I love you. ;A; <333

I know, I rally think it's something people should think of and appreciate, not to mention admire ;AA; He hates sweating and exercising, and he wasn't a dancer to begin with, but he sees all this trouble just for us, just so he can show us his worth and love and be a little closer to perfection dfkjdgdkj. There are so many layers to him and people only see so few :(

sfjdfdk don't cry, it wasn't my intetion ;;

Yeah, I'm not really that fond on wonkyu either, not as a romantic pairing, but I really, really love the admiration Siwon holds for Kyuhyun, and his silly schoolboy crush on him ;A; And how he stands up for Zhou Mi too, going as far as telling fans to be quiet and respect him (and Henry). djfdfkdj all the bromance in the world.

I'm really, really happy that you liked it, thank you ;A; <3

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Dgfgkfgkdfgk thank you so much, it really warms my heart to know you read and liked it even if you usually don't like OT3 fics ;A;

Thank youuu, I didn't even pay special attention to that line, but eep, I'm glad you think it's nice, since I sort of think it's how Kyuhyun is and how he affects people? Sobs, so true.

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