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fanfic: please stop fighting wars with me
plastictear wrote in chemicalsunset
title: please stop fighting wars with me
author: plastictear
pairing: kyumin
rating: pg-13
genre: romance, angst, drama
words: 1 280
summary+a/n: a fic requested by afairash who wanted kyumin angst with a happy ending. title from eighteen vision's said and done.

Kyuhyun's eyes burned from lack of sleep, his previous night having been spent on tossing and turning in bed until the wee hours of morning. Not even his bangs and make-up could cover the purple shadows under his eyes, like fresh bruises, bright against the pale tone of his skin.

His eyelids drooped as he leaned against the wall of their changing room, everyone around him getting ready for a yet another performance of Mr. Simple. Kyuhyun looked around and fought the urge to turn his head away as he saw Sungmin, chatting animatedly with Donghae who was touching his arm, the sight burning itself into Kyuhyun's retinas like a hot brand.

All the events of the weekend before flooded his mind like so many times before, his chest tightening until it was hard to breathe. He had been foolish, so very foolish. He had done things he never should have, said things he hadn't meant, the words slipping from his mouth like poison.

Kyuhyun had never meant to kiss the girl at the bar, ever. But he had been so drunk; mind one big blur when she had pressed against him, smelling of perfume and tequila, everything he had been used to before Sungmin. It had been just a couple of seconds that her lips had pressed against his, sticky with lipgloss, before Kyuhyun had come to his senses.

It didn't matter that he hadn't meant it, had pulled away as soon as it happened, since Sungmin had seen it either way. The older man had stared at him in pure shock, his expression changing between rage and sorrow. Before Kyuhyun had been able to say anything, Sungmin had rushed out of the club, Kyuhyun stumbling at his heels.

They had fought once they got back at the dorms, Sungmin's voice shrill and nearly hysterical as he had yelled at Kyuhyun, accusations and insults flying like angry fists. Kyuhyun knew he should have apologized, begged for forgiveness on his knees, but his pride had been hurt, and it had made his drunken self angry.

He doesn't exactly remember what he said, only that it had been followed by a fist connecting with his cheek, sobering him just enough to realize he had done something very stupid.

Sungmin hasn't spoken to him since, not unless he absolutely had to. It hurt Kyuhyun, made him sick to his stomach, but he knew he deserved it. He just wished he could fix it, salvage whatever there was left of their relationship. Even though he rarely voiced it out, naturally shy to show his affection towards people, Sungmin meant the world to him, and Kyuhyun didn't want to lose him.

One of the staff members shouted at them to start getting ready, and Kyuhyun glanced up only to see Sungmin high-fiving Donghae and Eunhyuk before everyone started pouring out of the room. Eyes hard and determined, Kyuhyun trailed after everyone else, setting up a plan.

Everyone was hugging each other and talking loudly, exhilarated of winning another award. Kyuhyun was anxious, trying to smile at Yesung who grinned at him while passing him. His eyes were on Sungmin, his heart rate picking up as he heard the older man tell Siwon he was going to the bathroom.

Wiping his sweaty hands on his pants, Kyuhyun followed Sungmin silently, watching him enter the bathroom and stopped to lean against the hallway wall to wait for him to come out.

It didn't take Sungmin too long to emerge outside, humming a tune under his breath as he exited the bathroom. He stopped in his tracks as he saw Kyuhyun, his eyes going cold and hostile. Before Sungmin could walk away, Kyuhyun grabbed his wrist carefully, pulling him back.

Sungmin scowled at him, pulling at his hand to get it free, but Kyuhyun's grip held.

"Please, listen to me Sungmin, just for a second," Kyuhyun pleaded, his eyes desperate as he looked at Sungmin, scared he would continue ignoring him. Kyuhyun let out a sigh of relief as some of the tension dropped from Sungmin's shoulders, indicating he was letting Kyuhyun speak up.

"I'm sorry, okay? I'm just so, so sorry. I should have never let that girl kiss me, or say those things to you. I know it's not a good reason, but I was just really drunk. Please, Sungmin, please don't let it end like this," Kyuhyun said frantically, his thumb rubbing circles into the smooth skin of Sungmin's wrist.

The cold expression on Sungmin's face didn't melt, his mouth still a hard line and eyes angry. Kyuhyun made a desperate little sound in the back of his throat, scared out of his mind that Sungmin would never forgive him.

"Sungmin, please… I- I love you," Kyuhyun whispered in a frail voice, his nails digging into the palm of his free hand, painful; but not as nearly painful as the silence from Sungmin.

Something flashed in Sungmin's eyes, something Kyuhyun couldn't quite decipher but set a spark of hope inside him, Kyuhyun's teeth digging into his lower lip as he waited for Sungmin to say something, anything. What he wasn't expecting though, was the palm slapping his cheek, the skin stinging as Kyuhyun looked up at Sungmin is shock.

"You think you can just do whatever you please, whore yourself around like that, and just come back to me and pretend like you give two damns about me? I'm not stupid nor that easy, Cho Kyuhyun," Sungmin hissed, eyes blazing and chin high, defiant. Kyuhyun's mouth hung open, and he could feel unjustified anger coiling inside him again.

"Pretending? I tell you I love you, after crawling on my knees for you for over a week, and you accuse me of playing you? I never even kissed that girl, she kissed me! Stop acting like I've been treating you like dirt when it's only a matter of a drunken kiss with someone I didn't even want!" Kyuhyun snapped back, knowing he was walking on thin ice but not being able to help himself.

Sungmin drew back, eyes wide with surprise as he opened and closed his mouth, nothing coming out. As Sungmin gaped, Kyuhyun growled in annoyance, getting fed up with the whole ordeal. Before Sungmin had the time to react, Kyuhyun had him pinned against the wall, mouth hard on his, kissing Sungmin's breath away.

"Yes, I admit I made a mistake, I said stupid things I shouldn't have. But no matter how much I love you, I will not stand by and listen to you accusing me of things I'm not guilty of; I love you, and if that's not good enough for you, then I guess this is going nowhere," Kyuhyun grunted against Sungmin's lips, fingers tight in his hair as he met Sungmin eye for eye.

Sungmin's lips bowed into something resembling a sulky pout, his eyelids lowering in defiance. Kyuhyun let his hands slide down, setting them on either side of Sungmin's hips. Sungmin glanced up at him, scoffing before he leaned up to kiss Kyuhyun, brief but hard.

"You're lucky you're so goddamn good looking, Cho," Sungmin breathed against his lips before grabbing him by the shoulders and kissing him again. The hold Kyuhyun had on his hips tightened as he angled his head to respond to the kiss, his breathy laughter getting muffled by Sungmin's tongue.

"Yeah, I guess I am," Kyuhyun muttered to himself afterwards, already back in their dorm and their room, Sungmin's arm draped over his chest, the older man already asleep. Maybe he was; it mattered not, as long as it was something that could keep them together.

That's what mattered, in the end.

a/n2: again, i'm late with these but life's been busy. only one this time, i'm just trying to post these as i get them done.

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Thank you for writing this! I love the dynamics of their fight, and stubborn!jealous!Min is a <333 hahaha...

Thank you! :D

You're welcome, thanks for commenting! :D

love it :D

stubborn Min is KYUte ^^
thank you :)

i need kyumin and here it is,
i love this
their make up scene, those kisses is just <3
thank you for sharing ^^

Thank you,and you're welcome! :)

Phew... I'm happy that my OTP got back together...<3

Thank you for commenting! :)

I loved this, isn't it sad how far we've fallen to thoroughly enjoy the misery of others? At least this had a happy ending ^_^ and darn right Kyuhyun is lucky <3 as much as I love him, I would get angry with him too lol

I know I've said this before.....

but I really wish you would make your one sichul oneshot into a chaptered fic... you left it on such a cliff hanger that... I don't even know T^T I know I've already begged you for this T^T

Thank you! I'm glad you liked it :3

Ah, right! I have actually written another part to it, since it's a series. I'll try to post it at some point, I promise :)

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