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fic: bliss
plastictear wrote in chemicalsunset
title: bliss
author: plastictear
paitings: qmi, hinted hanchul
rating: nc-17
genre: pwp, motor sports!au
words: 2100
summary: zhou mi and kyuhyun are the two biggest stars of the motor sports scene, but there's a lot more between them than what meets the public eye.
a/n: this is possibly quite inaccurate, since i don't really know anything about motocross/speedway/whatever, but this barely has anything to do with sports, so I guess it's okay. This was originally posted for qmidayeveryday, here.

The smell of gasoline and burning rubber instantly makes Zhou Mi feel at home. Zhou Mi watches through his dark Gucci sunglasses as people in multicoloured outfits walk by, a content smile playing on his lips. Most of the people wave or smile at him, and Zhou Mi waves back, loving the tight-knit social atmosphere around him.

The motocross tracks are where Zhou Mi's home and heart are, where he feels the happiest. Driving is his job, his hobby, his passion, and there’s nothing else Zhou Mi would rather do.

It’s not a wonder he’s considered one of the brightest stars of his generation, with the amount of determination and trophies he has at the young age of twenty-five. Zhou Mi is the golden boy of the scene, and though he doesn’t take particular pride in it, he doesn’t mind it either.

Maybe his face was on the cover of sport magazines, maybe people knew his name and looked up to him or wished they could be dating him. Zhou Mi didn’t really care, having decided since the beginning to concentrate on the racing, not the fame that came with it; the decision had lasted that long, and Zhou Mi had no plans to change his views on the issue.

Hiking his bag higher up on his shoulder, Zhou Mi walked briskly towards his team, already at work to prepare his bike for the oncoming race. His manager Heechul lifted his head and flashed him a grin before walking over and nearly crushing Zhou Mi's ribs out with a hug.

Zhou Mi shoved Heechul’s shoulder playfully before greeting his other teammates, patting Henry on the shoulder, as he was preoccupied with securing the tires of his car, and hugging both Kibum and Jinki before dropping his bag in the nearest chair.

"Where are Taemin and Liu Chao?" Zhou Mi asked, craning his head around in search for the two missing members of the team. Kibum shrugged and nudged Jinki in the ribs, cocking a meaningful eyebrow at the other man.

"Taemin went to buy lunch or something, and Liu Chao got caught up with an old acquaintance from back home, as far as I’m concerned. They should be here soon though," Jinki said, brushing his light hair out of his face, grinning sheepishly at Zhou Mi. Behind them, Heechul muttered something that could’ve almost been a threat, while Zhou Mi simply smiled and went to grab his jacket, pants, and helmet, getting ready to drive.

People are bustling all over, nervous drivers pacing in circles and mechanics doing last minute fixes and adjustments. Zhou Mi leans against a wall and smiles at Henry, his friend and the best mechanic you could ever ask for. Henry returns the grin and looks around himself contently, clearly drinking in the familiar atmosphere.

"Are you happy to be back home? Where people can actually understand what you say," Zhou Mi asked with a playful smile, nudging Henry in the ribs. The younger boy rolls his eyes at him, though Zhou Mi knows he isn't really annoyed with him. At least too much.

"Well, yeah, obviously. Though I'm not from Ontario, but it's still home. I can't even remember the last time I was in Canada. They should have more races here."

Zhou Mi hums in approval, before the speakers announce it's almost time for the race to start. He grabs his helmet, gets a pat on the back from Henry and runs to his car, excitement running through his veins.

Second place isn't too bad, Zhou Mi consoles himself afterward, wiping sweat off his brow. Especially when you're beat by someone like Cho Kyuhyun; like nothing the industry had ever seen, already a legend at the age of twenty-four. Even Zhou Mi, someone highly successful in the sports, falls in the shadow of the Korean man, who was already racing in nationals by the time he was still a 17-year-old kid.

Zhou Mi grins at Kyuhyun while they receive their medals, and receives a shy smile in return. Both their teams surround them afterwards, enveloping them in congratulations and hugs. Despite Kyuhyun's feeble refusals, Heechul drags the whole lot of them into a flashy club to celebrate; they just won, how could Kyuhyun be so boring as to just go back to his hotel room instead of getting trashed?

So there they are, surrounded by neon lights and dancing people, while they hold onto their drinks like a lifeline. Kyuhyun is pressed against Zhou Mi, already four drinks down, and Zhou Mi has his hand around his waist, supporting him. Everyone else has successfully scattered around the club, and Zhou Mi tried to pretend he can't see Heechul sucking face with the good-looking Chinese mechanic from Kyuhyun's team.

Zhou Mi downs the rest of his cosmopolitan just as Kyuhyun's fingers brush his hipbone, and there is a wet mouth pressed against his throat. Zhou Mi tries to suppress the shiver and glances down at the other man, raising an eyebrow at him. Kyuhyun smirks at him, that plump mouth continuing to press kisses on the expanse of his throat, and Zhou Mi grabs Kyuhyun's hand, squeezing it hard as he starts dragging him out of the club.

Kyuhyun's thumb is rubbing the soft skin of his wrist as Zhou Mi leads them to the parking lot and scans it for his car before dragging Kyuhyun towards it. He has barely unlocked the doors before Kyuhyun is pulling him to the backseat with him, mouth hot and moist against Zhou Mi's.

Zhou Mi can barely breathe as Kyuhyun climbs in his lap and kisses him like a starving man, fingers tangling with Zhou Mi's hair. Zhou Mi grabs Kyuhyun's hips and ruts against him, and his happy to find how excited the other man is already. Kyuhyun moans against his mouth, a hint of desperation in the sound, before he's attacking Zhou Mi's button-down, practically tearing it open.

Zhou Mi leans against the backrest as Kyuhyun kisses down his chest, his hot breath making Zhou Mi shiver. Finally Kyuhyun presses a kiss next to his bellybutton and straightens up while tugging Zhou Mi's shirt off, even managing to shrug off his own black blazer while he's at it. Zhou Mi urgently tugs off Kyuhyun's striped shirt too, eyes raking over Kyuhyun's naked torso.

Then they are kissing again and Zhou Mi can't concentrate on anything else but Kyuhyun's mouth against his and Kyuhyun's bare skin beneath his palms, both of their hands grabbing and sliding on slick skin.

"I wonder what your teammates and all your fans would say if they knew about us," Zhou Mi pants against Kyuhyun's shoulder, and the younger man stifles a moan. "Just imagine their faces if they could see you, the golden boy, all desperate for me in the backseat of a car," he finishes and palms Kyuhyun's hard cock through his jeans, making him whimper.

Zhou Mi bites Kyuhyun's collarbone, runs his tongue along it and just like that, Kyuhyun's gone. He grabs Zhou Mi as if he might disappear before him, and kisses him hard and rough before he starts working on the button and zipper of his slacks. Kyuhyun's mouth breathes hot puffs of air on Zhou Mi's hipbone as Kyuhyun pulls his pants down, underwear and all, and goes down on Zhou Mi before he can say a word.

The hot mouth around him makes Zhou Mi buck up, his mouth hanging open as Kyuhyun sucks him with vigor, his hands gripping Zhou Mi's hips until they feel like they might bruise. Kyuhyun's tongue is running along the underside of Zhou Mi's erection and he doesn't even flinch when Zhou Mi thrusts into his mouth, unable to keep himself still; Kyuhyun simply takes it, just like any other time, and keeps his mouth tight around Zhou Mi's cock as he fucks Kyuhyun's mouth, fingers tugging his hair into a hot mess.

Kyuhyun is panting heavily by the time Zhou Mi yanks him off his cock, the head brushing against his cheek and smearing pre-come on it. Kyuhyun licks his lips, his hooded eyes locked on Zhou Mi, and Zhou Mi moans before pulling Kyuhyun up and kissing him deep while tugging his pants and briefs down hastily.

"Turn around and spread your legs," Zhou Mi breathes in his ear and Kyuhyun bites his lip as he does as he's told, his other leg bent and the other finding purchase on the car floor. Zhou Mi licks his lips at the sight, the other man so beautiful all for him, before rummaging through his bag on the driver's seat and pulling out a small bottle of lube.

Kyuhyun draws in a sharp breath as Zhou Mi's slick fingers tease his entrance before the older man pushes two inside, kissing Kyuhyun's sweaty neck while he stretches him. Kyuhyun's fingers dig into the soft leather of the backseat as Zhou Mi touches him like only he can, rubbing his fingertips over Kyuhyun's prostate over and over again.

By the time Zhou Mi deems him ready, Kyuhyun's legs are shaking and he's gasping at every thrust of Zhou Mi's long fingers. Kyuhyun whines deep in his throat when Zhou Mi pulls his digits out, his other hand soothing on Kyuhyun's lower back as he slicks himself up and leans over Kyuhyun, pushing inside slowly.

Kyuhyun feels so hot and tight around him after so many weeks of being apart, and Zhou Mi moans into his shoulder as he buries himself to the hilt. He can feel Kyuhyun's heartbeat, rapid like a hummingbird, as he presses his chest to Kyuhyun's back, savouring the younger man's scent and feel before starting to move inside him.

The sound of skin slapping on skin fills the car as Zhou Mi starts fucking Kyuhyun in earnest, Zhou Mi's nails digging into his hips. The windows of the car are fogged up and Kyuhyun's flailing hand, trying to keep them in balance, creates a smeared handprint on the glass, straight out of a clichéd movie sex scene.

Zhou Mi presses sloppy kisses to Kyuhyun's long neck and drinks in the desperate, low noises pouring out of the younger man's mouth. Kyuhyun is panting like he's just run a marathon, and he nearly whimpers every time Zhou Mi brushes against his prostate, the noises making Zhou Mi's hips grind against Kyuhyun even faster, determined to push him over the edge.

Kyuhyun's forehead thumps against the car window as he reaches down to stroke himself sloppily. With the added pleasure it only takes Kyuhyun a few more thrusts before he's coming into his hand and stomach, his breathy moans pushing Zhou Mi over the edge only a few seconds later.

Zhou Mi sags against Kyuhyun, which causes his limbs to give out and they both end up lying on down, Kyuhyun squashed between Zhou Mi and the seat.

"You're making my expensive leather interior filthy," Zhou Mi mutters in his hair, not bothering to get up. Kyuhyun says something back to him, but it's muffled by the seat Kyuhyun's face is mashed against, and Zhou Mi decides to ignore it, snuggling closer to the other man.

Their peaceful after sex moment ends abruptly when there's a knock on the window nearest to them and they both scramble up, Kyuhyun searching for tissues and Zhou Mi reaching for his pants. Before either of them can get themselves cleaned up or dressed, they hear a familiar voice through the door.

"Hey, Mi and little brat, now that you're done fucking each other, could you get out of there? I left my bag in the trunk, and I need it before Geng gives me a lift home."

Both Zhou Mi and Kyuhyun turn bright red, and once Zhou Mi has managed to pull his shirt on and button it somewhat correctly, he rolls the window down just enough to pass his keys to the smirking Heechul who winks at him before taking his bag and returning the keys.

After a moment of silence, Kyuhyun pulls his shirt over his mouth and says, "I don't know why you're friends with that person," and starts buttoning Zhou Mi's shirt correctly. Looking defeated, Zhou Mi murmurs, "sometimes, I don't know either," and pulls Kyuhyun in his lap and preventing him from escaping by hugging him tightly.

Kyuhyun gives in after a while of useless struggling and slumps against Zhou Mi's now clothed chest, mumbling something about needlessly clingy boyfriends. Zhou Mi simply smiles against the curve of Kyuhyun's neck and sighs happily, deciding that maybe some things are even better than driving - especially if they are capable of cuddling, reluctantly or not.

That's when Kyuhyun decides to chomp on Zhou Mi's shoulder in a desperate attempt to get free and Zhou Mi sighs again, petting Kyuhyun's hair patiently. Yes, he should've gotten a puppy instead.

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/wants a sequel. or something XDDD this is soooo cute in a way XDDDD asdfghjklah~

ok i'm not used to Mi beign the dominant one but it's your story and i love it.. unexpectedly~ wahahah

i kinda liked a sequel or something ~ maybe a little more on how they ended up being together~ ^^

great work

and this will be my first Qmi smut in a long time^^

Aww, thank you :3 I'm glad you liked it!

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