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ahudkjhbgkjng poor Kibummie! ;______; Why is Siwon such an asshole? ;________; *CRIES A RIVER*

The Kangin/Geng one is so sweeeeett~ haha had taught him to be polite and then he asks why Geng's name is weird? XD I don't even like the pair (AKA never read anything from the pair) but now I wanna read a sequel to the drabble! It's so sweeeeettt~ Did I already mention it's SWEET!

Aww poor Wookie XD Sand can be so nasty. But they can go on when they're comfortably back inside (or maybe in the shower?) XD

The Yesung/Henry one kind of reminded me of my Henry/Kyuhyun x) I know it's different but there are similarities too!

I'm sorry D: It could've been a happy drabble but... :/ I'm an asshole, more than Siwon is. *sobs*

Thank you, I actually sorta like it a lot XD But, yes, he's trying to be polite but he's just a kid, he doesn't know it's rude to say stuff like that XD Awwh, thanks x) I don't like the pairing either but erm, a sequel could be possible, if I muster up the energy and time.

Yes, and Siwon being so oblivious XD Oh yes, they probably did that XD

Haha, it is a bit similar, yeah x)

Haha, yes. :)
Thank you for reading and commenting! <3

backtracking your awesome community that filled with awesome fanfics and um, being an asshole for not commenting all over the fic

let me love you omg the drables i swear i didnt laugh at kankyung squish name

thank you for writing and let me stalk your community okay ^^

Aww, thank you a lot! haha, it's okay :D

I'm glad you liked them! :3

You're welcome! Aw, of course! :)

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