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fanfic: today i don't feel like doing anything (except you)
plastictear wrote in chemicalsunset
title: today i don't feel like doing anything (except you)
author: plastictear
pairing: qmi
rating: hard r/light nc-17
genre: smut, humour
words: 930
summary: it's saturday and zhou mi and kyuhyun are taking it easy.
a/n: a fic request/picture prompt for fonulyn! title sort of from bruno mars' the lazy song.

It's one of those laze Saturdays when neither of them bothers to get dressed properly, instead rolling out of bed with sleepy eyes and tousled hair, Kyuhyun in his t-shirt and dark blue silk boxers and Zhou Mi in a white tank top and briefs. Zhou Mi kisses Kyuhyun good morning after they have brushed their teeth, tasting mint and the heady taste of Kyuhyun.

They have no plans for the day, only doing whatever comes in their minds. Out of mutual agreement and with only a little coaxing from Kyuhyun, they order Chinese takeout for breakfast (though neither of them are sure if one in the afternoon counts as morning) and sprawl themselves on the couch to play Mario Kart.

After losing horribly six times in a row, Zhou Mi manages to win Kyuhyun once by hairs breadth, jumping up and down on the couch happily while Kyuhyun insists Zhou Mi only won because he was too busy stuffing a steamed bun in his mouth to concentrate. Zhou Mi jabs him in the side with his elbow with a mock glare, which causes Kyuhyun to throw him with one of the couch pillows, which then turns into a full-on pillow fight.

They end up lying down, Kyuhyun straddling Zhou Mi's chest and Zhou Mi's fingers holding his wrists together, both of them panting slightly. A bead of sweat runs down Kyuhyun's neck and disappears under the collar of his shirt. Zhou Mi's eyes follow its path with rapt attention, his tongue pushing out unconsciously as he licks his lips slowly.

Kyuhyun grins, his teeth digging into his lower lip briefly before he bends down to kiss Zhou Mi, hard and demanding. Zhou Mi lets go of his wrists, tangling his fingers in Kyuhyun's unruly hair instead and pulling him deeper into the kiss. Moaning, Kyuhyun grinds against Zhou Mi's stomach, feeling the other man shudder under him.

Without much delay, they start pulling off what little clothing they have on, Kyuhyun getting up only long enough to pull his underwear off, doing the same to Zhou Mi. The older man begins to pull his tank top off, but Kyuhyun stops him, only allowing Zhou Mi to bunch it up to his lower ribs, the already sweaty fabric clinging to Zhou Mi's skin.

"Leave it on," Kyuhyun mumbles against his collarbone as he sucks a mark on it, tongue lapping over the curve of the bone. Zhou Mi laughs shakily, stroking Kyuhyun's lower back as Kyuhyun sucks on his earlobe greedily.

"I love it when you get kinky," Zhou Mi chuckles breathily as Kyuhyun's lips wrap around his nipple through the thin material of his top, sucking until there is a wet patch on the fabric. He laughs against Zhou Mi's sternum, placing a kiss on the center before reaching under the couch cushions, searching for the lube he knows is hidden there.

Zhou Mi watches as Kyuhyun spreads lubricant on his delicate fingers and winks at Zhou Mi before spreading his legs as wide as they'll go on the couch, reaching behind himself. A moan vibrates from Zhou Mi's throat as Kyuhyun works two of his digits inside of himself, thighs trembling as he stretches himself.

Kyuhyun grins at Zhou Mi before he pumps his fingers inside and his face falls slack, Kyuhyun's breathing picking up as he fucks himself on his fingers. Zhou Mi runs his hands up and down Kyuhyun's sides, gasping out encouragements and filthy words at Kyuhyun, egging him on.

Stopping his hand, Kyuhyun abruptly pulls his fingers out, groaning at the loss as he quickly grabs the lube again and slicks Zhou Mi up, drinking in the moans from the other man. Breathing deep, Kyuhyun lines himself up above Zhou Mi, holding the older man's gaze as he lowers himself on Zhou Mi's hard cock, moaning without shame as he's filled to the brim.

The next thing he knows, Zhou Mi's hands are on his hips, gripping hard and lifting him up again. Kyuhyun places his palms on Zhou Mi's chest and pushes himself up, groaning at the feeling of Zhou Mi inside him. Zhou Mi throws his head back and moans as Kyuhyun drops back down, tight and hot around his cock.

They fall into a fast rhythm, Kyuhyun gasping for breath on top of Zhou Mi as he bucks into Kyuhyun, moaning his name as his fingers draw red patterns all over Kyuhyun's hips. Zhou Mi moans a little louder every time Kyuhyun clenches around him, drawing Zhou Mi closer and closer to the edge with every move of his hips.

It doesn't take long until Zhou Mi comes, his mouth falling open as he pushes deep into Kyuhyun, fingertips digging into his skin as he fills Kyuhyun with his come. Kyuhyun trembles above him, whining until Zhou Mi wraps his fingers around Kyuhyun's still throbbing erection, pumping it fast and rough until Kyuhyun is coming too, eyelids fluttering close as he spills all over Zhou Mi's fist.

Kyuhyun opens his eyes again only to see Zhou Mi licking off his come from his fingers, tongue running up and down every digit with care. He shudders, collapsing on top of Zhou Mi with the other man still inside of him. Zhou Mi's chest is slick with sweat, but Kyuhyun doesn't mind, lazily mouthing at the other man's jaw line.

Zhou Mi grips Kyuhyun's jaw with gentle fingers and brings him up for a kiss, humming contently against Kyuhyun's lips as he wraps his arms around Kyuhyun.

Yeah, lazy Saturdays are the best.

a/n2: yeah, it's mostly just pwp that ignores most of the prompt but that's okay.

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D'awwwwwwwww~ the beginning it's so sweet and I love these slow days when there's nothing much to do but the mood is just right!


1. "they order Chinese takeout for breakfast" oh god why can I see kyuhyun do this regularly?

2. "(though neither of them are sure if one in the afternoon counts as morning)" ahaha! it does, trust me!

3. "and sprawl themselves on the couch to play Mario Kart" MARIO KART ;~; BEST GAME EVER.

And and and "reaching under the couch cushions, searching for the lube he knows is hidden there" they keep lube under the couch cushions? I bet they hide lube everywhere. Like, near the bathtub, under the couch, in their pockets, in the cookie jar...

A fluffy sweet beginning and a hot ending, what more can I even ask for!? :D Thank you for sharing~ ♥ This made me grin like an idiot. Loved it! :)

Yesss, that kind of days are the best :3

Haha, well, knowing that he can't cook...

It does, when you've just gotten up XD

I fail at it, but it's fun!

Of course! For occasions as portrayed above XD Yes, there's lube in every possible room, most likely.

I'm glad you liked it! :3 I'll try to get your other prompt done soonish too XD

Just an Epic story seriously.
Loved it, they are my fav pairing! So I thank you for this story!*hugs*

Thank you! I'm glad you liked it :3

I'd been craving my dose of QMi smut. Thank you~

Haha, you're quite welcome XD

I am so glad I saved this one for last. I love pwp. It works for me and you do it so well.
The very idea of a lazy Saturday with nothing to do but eat, play and love each other is spectacular.

Thank you! It really makes me happy to know you think so :3
Haha, yes, it sounds rather appealing.

Wow this was so so good, you write amazing porn~ <3 The beginning was just so cute and fluffy and made me squee a little outloud, it was so sweet ;~; And Kyuhyun pwning Mimi at Mario Kart, and then making excuses when he lost, was such a cute bonus (and I bet has totally happened)

Thanks for sharing~!

Thank you! I'm happy you liked it :3

You're welcome! :D

my reaction when i read the rate : hard r / ligh nc is : oh it must be have a brief or just mention the love making. :)
then as i read the fic further it turn out to be : ooooh it actually higher than my expectation~ kekeke
rare moment when the reality is way better than the expectation.
thankyu for sharing <333

hehe, thank you, I'm glad you were positively surprised~

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