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fanfic: king of thieves
plastictear wrote in chemicalsunset
title: king of thieves
author: plastictear
pairing: qmi
rating: pg-13
genre: angst, au
words: 1000
summary: i'll play the victim, 'cause you planned it out
a/n: i felt like trying something new, so. every paragraph of the fic is exactly 100 words long, writing style is a little different than usually.

♫ christina grimmie - king of thieves


Kyuhyun almost never meets Zhou Mi, almost walks past him and everything that turns out to be them.

Zhou Mi's kneeling on the sidewalk, picking up the spilled contents of his grocery bag, fingers trembling from the cold; Kyuhyun almost walks past him, just like all the other people on the busy street. He is about to step over a carton of milk and walk home, mind his own business, but the light reflecting from Zhou Mi's ring catches his eyes and his breath catches in his throat.


He picks up the milk and passes it to Zhou Mi.


Kyuhyun learns many things about Zhou Mi in the months that follow. He doesn't actually like milk, but buys it because he likes cereal. He loves singing. He's impossible not to love.

Zhou Mi likes holding his hand whenever he forgets his gloves home, smiling sheepishly at Kyuhyun as he entwines their fingers together. Zhou Mi's hands are cold, always so cold, but Kyuhyun never pulls away from the touch.

Zhou Mi tastes like cough drops and everything sickly sweet, Kyuhyun finds out. Almost like cotton candy, he sticks to Kyuhyun, and doesn't let go.

Kyuhyun can't say he minds.


Kyuhyun hates arguing with Zhou Mi.

It doesn't matter who starts it, who is the first one to break the image of perfection, because it's always Kyuhyun who apologizes, his knees on the floor and heart stuck in his throat.

He can't stand to shout back at Zhou Mi, can't bring himself to lash out, to defend himself. The wounded, broken look in Zhou Mi's eyes won't allow it, doesn't let Kyuhyun be angry.

Instead, Kyuhyun loves, forgives, and kneels down, a beggar for Zhou Mi's affection.

Kyuhyun loves him, oh how he does, and somehow, it makes everything okay.


Zhou Mi's like a butterfly, fluttering around and drawing all eyes on him, beautiful. Sometimes Kyuhyun is afraid to even touch him, scared he might sully Zhou Mi, crush his wings with his clumsy hands.

Zhou Mi entices him, pulls him in, slips past him, graceful. Kyuhyun follows him like a fool, stumbling after Zhou Mi like a newborn gazelle on broken legs, pathetic.

Zhou Mi teases him with kisses and lingering touches, with promises of more, so much more. Kyuhyun clings on him, gives him his heart, gives him everything he has to offer; Zhou Mi consumes it all.


Sunset paints their bedroom all the shades of red and orange, delicate pink smeared in between. The sheets pool around their feet, the room humid and full of tense air.

Their fingers are laced together, Zhou Mi's hair tickling Kyuhyun's face, dark red to match the colours of twilight. Kyuhyun kisses the corner of Zhou Mi's mouth, something swelling up in his chest. The corners of Zhou Mi's eyes crinkle, a smile playing on his lips.

It's dark outside when Kyuhyun finally falls asleep, curled against Zhou Mi, already fast asleep.

Kyuhyun pretends to be happy.

It almost works, too.


The house is always quiet when Zhou Mi isn't around.

Kyuhyun has found himself drowning in silence of late.

Three a.m.

Four a.m.

Five a.m.

The door bangs open, deafening. Zhou Mi never bothers to be quiet, loud and bright in every aspect of his supernova of a life.

Kyuhyun flinches, pretending to be asleep when Zhou Mi stumbles in, still ten times as graceful as Kyuhyun will ever be.

Kyuhyun doesn't know why he lets Zhou Mi turn him on his back, why he opens his eyes, his legs. Maybe it's love.

Kyuhyun fights back tears.

Zhou Mi moans.


To Kyuhyun, Zhou Mi has always been cookie cutter perfect. Not a strand of his hair is ever amiss, his smile always wide and kind. Everyone loves Zhou Mi; the perfect Zhou Mi is who warm and bright like the summer sun.

Kyuhyun orbits Zhou Mi, is drawn in by his flawlessness. Zhou Mi is the flame to Kyuhyun's moth, is and always has been, and maybe Kyuhyun should've guessed Zhou Mi was bound to burn him if he got too close. He never did, too naïve, Zhou Mi too perfect.

Kyuhyun never thought Zhou Mi would break his heart.


Kyuhyun isn't surprised when he wakes up one morning and Zhou Mi is gone, every corner of the house free of him and his clutter.

Kyuhyun stays in bed for three days, cocooned in his blanket, still as the dead. Kyuhyun thinks he can hear his phone ring, someone pounding on the door. He doesn't get up to respond.

Zhou Mi has the key; he would walk inside.

Eventually, Kyuhyun moves, taking fumbling first steps, unsure. He feels grey, pale and transparent. He should've realized watercolours can be washed away, swirling down the shower drain.

Kyuhyun never moves on.


The clock on the wall ticks, mourning every passing second.

Zhou Mi is lathering his hands with too much lotion; his palms smooth the thick liquid along each long finger, rub the tips before his slippery digits slide downwards. Zhou Mi's wrists are thin, pale skin stretched over birdlike bones. Kyuhyun stares at the ridge of bone sticking out, bites his lip.

Zhou Mi looks pristine and Kyuhyun's hair is dirty from not showering for a week. Zhou Mi is beautiful, and Kyuhyun can't turn his gaze away, trapped like a moth circling a flame.

It's quiet. Kyuhyun feels sick.


Zhou Mi smoothes down his hair, always so immaculate, as if he walked out of a centerfold. Kyuhyun clutches the hem of him sweater, curled on his couch, small and fragile. He breathes shallowly, afraid to speak.

"I loved you."

A beat of silence.

Zhou Mi smiles, fake. Kyuhyun thinks his heart is breaking into tiny, tiny pieces, turning into the finest dust.

"I know."

Zhou Mi walks out, not looking back. Kyuhyun clutches his chest, trying to hold himself together. He falls apart like a house of cards, brushed down by the careless sweep of Zhou Mi's careless hand.

a/n2: idk, was feeling experimental e___e tell me if it's any good

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djfkdgjdkgdfk I'm so happy you liked it bb ;; I'll always be here to write you super sad angst fics~ <3

Thank you ;; pffft, don't say that, your angst is so good too D:</s>

Wow! This was utterly beautiful! It's not really the type of writing that I usually gravitate to, and there were some awkward wording, but overall it was absolutely gorgeous and tragic. I was fighting to keep my heart whole throughout the piece. A broken QMi is so painful T.T <3 GREAT job! :D

Thank you :3 I'm glad you enjoyed, even if it wasn't something you usual read.

It's too beautiful for me NOT to love :)

But really. I like the new style, and it's beautiful. Of course, you know me, I would prefer a happy ending since I'm really pathetic like that /laughs

...still. It's beautiful, it made me cry, and you wrote it very very well! ♥

And I am superbly incoherent, hi.

Thank youuu~~ I'm really happy it worked out and didn't end up all awkward ;;

Haha, it's okay, I'm always incoherent so.

This is really beautiful, I like this writing style. At first I thought it was going to be happy but then it ended like that and I want to cry T-T How can you be like that, Zhoumi?
But really, very good work <3

Ah, sorry for making you want to cry ;; But thank you, I'm really happy you liked it anyway. <3

wow... just wow, and then sad, and then utterly depressed, and then...just then. this is sad T^T but beautiful <3 and different but still as wonderful as I expected it to be ^_^ you're amazing

but how could Gentleman MiMi be so mean? poor evil!maknae kyubear T^T

Thank you so much!

Yeah, he was a dick towards Kyuhyun, no one knows why :(

;; I hope that's a positive sadface

Oh wow! this was really beautifully written ^^ The end was so sad though, stupid Zhou Mi >.<

Zhou Mi's like a butterfly, fluttering around and drawing all eyes on him, beautiful. Sometimes Kyuhyun is afraid to even touch him, scared he might sully Zhou Mi, crush his wings with his clumsy hands.

^ This was my favorite part <3

Thank you :3

Haha, I liked that part too, I'm glad others thought it was nice too :)

(Deleted comment)
Thank you, I'm happy you liked it, even if it was upsetting ;; <3

i absolutely love this, it is brief and vivid and gorgeous in how you were able to lure in the reader just as kyuhyun was lured by the glint of a ring. i just want to quote so many things from this and flail over them but i'll just do a couple of my favorites OTL
first, everything in section iv has my heart bleeding in a conflicting way and the imagery here is my favorite. i love the comparison to the butterfly and the gazelle, also how zhou mi 'consumes' everything; it is beautiful in how it contradicts and plays on kyuhyun's perception of zhou mi as this delicate being (his underestimation of him).
this part as well, "Zhou Mi is lathering his hands with too much lotion; his palms smooth the thick liquid along each long finger, rub the tips before his slippery digits slide downwards. Zhou Mi's wrists are thin, pale skin stretched over birdlike bones. Kyuhyun stares at the ridge of bone sticking out, bites his lip."; another portrayal of zhou mi as this small, fragile creature and yet he can break kyuhyun with his mere presence. the feeling i get here is also not one of beauty, which i find interesting because kyuhyun still can't look away - the complusion he has towards zhou mi being so deep. and of course the last image of this fic, the image of the cards; so simple and yet powerful.
most of all, i love how you give zhou mi flaws in this, it is usually the opposite in most qmi fic and the way you did it was compelling. it seems to me as though one of zhou mi's major flaws in this is in fact his 'flawlessness'. and i just love it because ugh, i can see how this could be true and a downside to any relationship or character of a person...i don't know how to explain OTL
i thoroughly enjoyed this (also in awe at how you were able to do this with the limitation of a 100 words per section), thank you for sharing <3

ugh, your comment made me so happy ;; So long and wonderful.

I'm seriously rolling in my deep tears of gratitude, thank you so much for every word of praise, it means so much to me that people like the silly things I write enough to start analyzing them like this ;A; <3 Thank you thank you thank you.

/continues rolling.

I like the writing style.
i just didn't get it.. why zhoumi kept hurting (?) kyuhyun? I thought like that since kyu pained. well, it felt like it...


*goes re-reading*

Thank you :)
I didn't really think about that while writing, but I think Zhou Mi was just very oblivious to Kyuhyun's pain, or didn't care too much. He was gorgeous and loved, and maybe his nose was in the air and he only cared about people loving him, looking at him, and not about the feelings of others. Or that's how I think of it, in a way.

Glad you liked it though! :3

i haven't read qmi in a while let alone angst so bear with me

omg this is.... this is /beautiful/ (because i always use beautiful to describe angst)

first time i'm reading a mean!Zhou Mi, but it was long overdue, so thanks for this. but wow, kyuhyun's pretty torn up in here. he's shattered into tiny pieces and i'm not even sure he can pick them up again.

i think this piece is a work of art <3 i conclude this as an experiment turned well n_n

Re: i haven't read qmi in a while let alone angst so bear with me

I'm glad you think so :3

Haha, yeah. I just got tired of all these fics where Kyuhyun is the bad guy and treats Zhou Mi wrongly, because in most Qmi fics, it's always Kyuhyun, I don't know how I'd make it better if I decided to continue writing this.

Adfdjgdfk thank you so much ;; <3

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