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fanfic: five random sj drabbles

various sj drabbles
author: plastictear 
pairings: kyuchul, sibum, kangkyung (seriously, they have no reasonable pairing name), siwook, yery
ratings: from pg to r
a/n: i used this one sj promt/pairing generator to get ten pairings and promts way back, and i finally got them all done. i'll only post half now and the other four (one of them sort of stretched into a one-shot so it might be posted separately) later. i don't like some of these, but hope they are any good x)

#1 heechul/kyuhyun – changing for the better

words: 430
rating: pg-13
genre: angst, hurt/comfort

It was rare these days not to see Heechul staring out of a window into the distance, lost in his thoughts. It had been that way for months, ever since Han Geng left. They had let him be at first, trusting that he just needed some time and would be back to his old confident self in no time. However, as time passed they began to worry, not knowing how to pull their friend out of his deepening depression.

During all those months, Kyuhyun has observed Heechul and his antics, trying to see where the other man was looking at, his eyes fixed towards some faraway place no one else can reach. Kyuhyun isn't even sure if he wants to see there, scared of the things Heechul might have dancing in front of his eyes. But he would, if it helped Heechul.

He knows Heechul cries sometimes. The older male thinks no one hears him, those heart-breaking sobs muffled by his pillow or almost covered by the running water of the shower. But Kyuhyun hears them, loud and clear. And he really wishes he could see the things that make his hyung cry.

The last straw for Kyuhyun is seeing Heechul run into his room after seeing Ryeowook making Beijing fried rice for breakfast. It kills him to know that Heechul is so hung up on a guy who left him like a dirty rag that he can't even see fried rice without breaking down.

Finally, after so many months of standing back, Kyuhyun goes after Heechul, set on doing something.

Entering the room, he sees Heechul on his bed, curled into a ball. He knows the other man won't talk to him, too stubborn to accept any sympathy or to talk about his feelings, so Kyuhyun only sits next to him on the bed, placing his hand on Heechul's trembling one, sprawled over the sheets.

With dry lips, Kyuhyun whispers out the only words he can come up with, probably not the most original ones or the best ones in the world, but Kyuhyun means every syllable and letter in those few words.

"I know you don't believe it right now, but… Everything will get better. I promise."

Heechul turns his teary eyes to Kyuhyun, and something resembling a smile grazes his features. The older man doesn't say anything, only entwines Kyuhyun's fingers with his own ones and squeezes softly, but to Kyuhyun that one small gesture means more than all the words in the world.

It proves that Heechul actually believes in him. And that's all that matters at the moment.

#2 kibum/siwon – let's rewrite our history

words: 190
rating: pg-13
genre: angst

A sigh fell from Kibum's lips as tears trickled down his face, cold wind freezing them on his cheeks. Hanging his head down, he leaned against the iron railing, holding onto it tightly. Kibum could taste salt in his mouth, bitter and all too familiar. It was a taste he had grown to know during the past weeks along with the empty and aching feeling in his chest.

No matter how hard he tried, he could not understand why things had to go that way. Was there something wrong with him, something that made loving him impossible? It wasn't like he hadn't tried, hadn't asked and begged, time after time. "Don't leave me, please don't". All for nothing.

He had wanted to start again, to give Siwon another chance. He loved the other man enough, God knows. But Kibum wasn't enough to him, like he hadn't been when Siwon had taken another man in their bed, when Siwon later left Kibum for that long haired pretty man he had fallen for.

They could have been something beautiful, something good. But maybe Kibum wasn't just good enough.

#3 kangin/han geng – lunchboxes

words: 520
rating: pg
genre: kid!fic, fluff, humour

Little Youngwoon was just about to dig into the box of kimbap that his mother had made for him as lunch when he heard shouting and not-so-nice-sounding laughter, which made him raise his head up to see what all the fuss was about. His eyebrows furrowed when he saw four or five boys pushing around another gangly boy clutching a bright red lunchbox to his chest.

The bigger boys kept shoving the kid around, throwing insults at him until Youngwoon could see tears brimming his eyes even as far away as he was sitting. Suddenly one of the bullies grabbed the handle of the boy's lunchbox and yanked at it, sending the kid tumbling down – without his lunchbox.

The bullies laughed at the now crying boy before leaving him alone. Youngwoon's lower lip jutted out at the sight and he couldn’t help but to feel bad for the crying kid still sitting on the ground. After a short while of continuing to watch the other child, he looked at his open lunchbox, then at the boy and then at the lunchbox once more. With unsure movements, he got up and inched towards the boy until he stood next to him.

"Um… Are you okay?"

The sudden question seemed so startle the other boy, who jerked his head up and looked at Youngwoon with frightened eyes. For a while, he said nothing, until a quiet, near-whisper reached Youngwoon's ears.

"Han… Han Geng," the boy said and pointed a finger at himself. Youngwoon nodded, a bit weirded out by the boy's response. Still, his mother had taught him to be polite at all times, so he pointed at himself and said: "Kim Youngwoon, nice to meet you," before adding, "why is your name so weird?"

The other boy bit his lip and was silent for a while with a concentrated look on his face, until he finally spoke again in that quiet voice he used earlier: "I… I am Chinese? I does not… do not speak good Korean ."

His speech was highly accented and to Youngwoon's ear, it sounded quite funny. But he guessed it was rational, if the boy was indeed from China. So he just smiled and nodded, offering a hand to the funnily speaking boy called Han Geng.

Han Geng looked surprised, but took the hand anyways, a soft smile grazing his lips. On that moment, Youngwoon decided that he liked Han Geng, even if he didn’t speak Korean and his name was hard to pronounce. He opened his mouth again, wondering whether he should talk very slow so the other boy could understand him, and asked: "Do you want to eat lunch with me?"

Just in case, he presented his lunchbox to Han Geng and pointed at him, trying to convey the message. The almost-there smile on Han Geng’s lips turned into a wide grin, and he nodded enthusiastically.

As they sat down on one of the benches and began to share the kimbap, Youngwoon looked at Han Geng's face and decided that yes, he definitely liked the cutely smiling Chinese boy called Han Geng.

#4 siwon/ryeowook – sand in uncomfortable places

words: 170
rating: light r
genre: humour, some smut

Ryeowook was moaning under him, head thrown back and neck on display. However, before Siwon could bend down and drag his lips across that neck, Ryeowook let out a frustrated groan, gripping his hair with both hands. "Shit, Siwon, can you stop, this is so uncomfortable! Can't we just go inside or something?"

A frown appeared on Siwon's face, a bit taken back at Ryeowook's words. The younger man had seemed all fine the idea when they had started and Siwon couldn’t understand what made him change his mind. Nevertheless, he pulled out of Ryeowook, sighing deeply. "What's the matter, I sort of thought you were enjoying yourself?"

Ryeowook looks slightly flustered, a faint blush colouring his cheeks. "That was before I got sand in my butt, thank you very much. I think we should stick to having sex on our bed, from now on," Ryeowook mutters, voice tinted with embarrassment. Siwon can't help but to laugh, pulling up the sand covered blanket from the ground before jogging after Ryeowook.

#5 yesung/henry – don't fight me because you're scared of yourself

words: 150
rating: r
genre: pwp with a tiny hint of angst

Henry whimpered, back pressed against a wall, hair all over his face. A forceful hand gripped his jaw while soft lips were ghosting along his neck and another hand was down his pants, getting him off on every tug. A moan bubbled past Henry's full lips as the older man kissed a spot behind his ear, weakening Henry's already futile struggling.

A deep voice chuckled in his ear, and Henry nearly lost it, barely holding on. The voice whispered, "Don't try to tell me you don't love this, when you obviously do," before a warm tongue plunged into Henry's open mouth, silencing his groans. All sanity left Henry and he grabbed the other man's shirt, kissing back with full force.

Yes, he guessed it was futile to say he didn't want Yesung. Those hands on him, inside him, pulling his defenses apart. It didn't mean he wouldn't try, until the bitter end.

a/n2: so,  i hope they were all right. i still have leeteuk/henry, siwon/eunhyuk, kyuhyun/zhou mi, sungmin/han geng and kibum/henry which is the one that might be a one-shot. i'll post them once i read through them and beta them a bit.
Tags: fandom: super junior, member: han geng, member: heechul, member: henry, member: kangin, member: kibum, member: kyuhyun, member: ryeowook, member: siwon, member: yesung, pairing: kangin/han geng, pairing: kyuhyun/heechul, pairing: siwon/kibum, pairing: siwon/ryeowook, pairing: yesung/henry
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