fanfic: good to be bad
title: good to be bad
author: plastictear
pairing: qmi
rating: nc-17
genre: pwp
words: 1 250
warnings: mentions of spanking, pain kink
a/n: … i felt like writing porn :| title from g.e.m's song good to be bad. i'll member lock this at some point if i can bother to do so.

it's good to be badCollapse )

a/n2: lazy ass ending is lazy but yeah. \o/

Drabble/short fic request post

I have miraculously hit +50 members/watchers on this journal, and to celebrate that and thank all the people who encourage me to keep writing, I'm taking drabble/short fic requests.


You can give me followings prompts, one or several:

- desired fic title/fandom/pairing/rating/genre/summary
- picture promts
- song/lyric/song title prompts
- things you absolutely don't want in the story

I will most likely write the first 5-10 requests, depending on how many I get. I might also pick others if I see something really interesting, so even if up to 10 people have already made a request, give yours a try :) Hint: unusual plotlines/ideas will catch my eye better, and I would also like to try writing some other pairing than Qmi, so if you request some other pairing, I might pick your request easier. But Qmi is fine too, since I like writing it (obviously).

One comment per person, but you can include more than one prompt/request in your comment. I will pick the one I like the most/inspires me the most.

You don't have to be a member/watcher to request a drabble/fic, as long as you actually want me to write something for you :D

That's pretty much it, and I hope people really request stuff, I'd really like to write something I haven't thought of myself :) ♥

fanfic: i don't know you but i want you all the more for that
title: i don't know you but i want you all the more for that
author: plastictear
pairing: sungmin-centric, one-sided mimin, qmi
rating: r
genre: angst, au
words: 1400
summary: falling slowly, sing your melody; i'll sing along.
a/n: i was listening to sungmin's solo "falling slowly" last night and felt like writing angst based on the lyrics. i think this might be one of my best stories, even though i was sick while writing it. and i'm sorry sungmin, for always making you the third feel in qmimin. e__e

♫ lee sungmin - falling slowly

words fall through me and always fool me and i can't reactCollapse )

a/n2: i don't know why i've been writing so much angst again :| though originally i wanted to write a bunch of angst stories based on zhou mi's tai wan mei solos (+ kyuhyun's if you have heard) so i guess this is better? and sorry i'm posting so often, i just write these little things so often. orz

fanfic: all neglect and no attention makes kyuhyun a cranky boy
title: all neglect and no attention makes kyuhyun a cranky boy
author: plastictear
pairing: qmihyuk (kyuhyun/zhou mi/eunhyuk)
rating: pg-13
genre: fluff, humour
words: 600
summary: kyuhyun has jealousy issues and zhou mi has sharp knees. eunhyuk fits somewhere in the equation.
a/n: due to all the zhou mi/eunhyuk action during the beijing fanmeet and kyuhyun's ":|" over the said action, this was born. and also because i love hyukmi but qmi has too big of a hold on me. this is sort of just a pointless, fluffy drabble but uh yeah. orz

'you're both idiots'Collapse )

a/n2: i'm sorry if this makes no sense, lack of sleep is munching on my brain and i just wrote this during my finnish lesson while bored out of my mind. e__e

fanfic: the one where zhou mi is clumsy and kyuhyun laughs at him (and maybe kisses him too)
title: the one where zhou mi is clumsy and kyuhyun laughs at him (and maybe kisses him too)
author: plastictear
pairing: qmi
rating: pg-13/ light r
genre: humour, crack, fluff, harry potter!au
words: +1000
warnings: mild sexual context
summary: zhou mi is a hufflepuff with neville longbottom syndrome and a little crush, kyuhyun is a slytherin who is mean but still kinda cute. sungmin likes to throw stuff and heechul is heechul.
a/n: a drabble request that is not really a drabble for kayable from tumblr, who wanted qmi with hp!au. this was sorta fun so i might continue this if i feel like it. also, if you can find the two "i c what u did theres" i sneaked in, i'll buy you butter beer.

'cause i don't shine if you don't shineCollapse )

fanfic: hello fascination
title: hello fascination (beautiful, dirty, rich!verse)
author: plastictear
pairing: heechul centric, sichul
rating: r
genre: smut, angst, au
words: 380
summary: heechul had promised himself not to reach for fame at any price possible. he should have known promises are made to be broken.
a/n: another part of my song based model!verse au, chronically set exactly in the same time as "we are golden".

here's to you, glorify my darlingCollapse )

a/n2: sorry for the double post, but i like this better, it'll be clearer when i out them on my masterlist.

fanfic: we are golden
title: we are golden (beautiful, dirty, rich!verse)
author: plastictear
pairing: mimin (zhou mi/sungmin)
rating: pg-13
genre: romance, au
words: 250
summary: sungmin has taken a liking to the new model working for them
a/n: i'm going away for a week or so, so i'm posting this now. this is supposed to make up for the other fic i posted a couple of days ago.

i actually wrote this months ago but because i write so much, i haven't had the chance to post any stuff from this au yet. the general idea is that all members of sj are in the fashion industry. i've got like five of these done, all drabbles/ficlets that more or less based on some song. there will be more once i get to posting/writing.

like a magpie, i live for glitter not youCollapse )

a/n2: look, it's not qmi!

fanfic: kyuhyun knows a lot about gross revenues, not so much about unicorns
title: kyuhyun knows a lot about gross revenues, not so much about unicorns
author: plastictear
pairing: q and mi
rating: pg-13
genre: crack, crack, crack
words: 500
warnings: it's almost 4am and i'm a bit drunk. enuff said. also, this is all in lapslock.
summary: zhou mi wants some answers, kyuhyun wants revenge
a/n: i was feeling inferior because other people write so much better than me and then tried to be funny. i kinda failed. maybe. this was like a 75 words long convo (so only what they were saying existed) until i had a little lapse in judgement and thought it'd be a great idea to continue this. so now, 500 words later, this came to be. i'll so regret this after i wake up orz

why couldn't it be 'follow the butterflies'?Collapse )

a/n2: oh god what am i doing i'll go and clear my head now. never again.

fanfiction masterlist
fanfiction masterlist

last updated: 2011/10/15

fanfiction masterlistCollapse )

fanfic: super heroes aren't that special in the end
title: super heroes aren't that special in the end
author: plastictear
pairing: leeteuk centric, ot15
rating: pg
genre: gen, friendship, character study, humour
words: 980
summary: there is leeteuk, the trustworthy and strong leader of super junior. then there is park jungsu, a normal man (boy?) who still doesn’t always know how to deal with other 14 boys and their ordeals. but those 14 other boys love him nevertheless, both as leeteuk and jungsu.
a/n: i wasn't supposed to write anything for leeteuk's birthday but oh, look what happened :| i hope it makes sense to people and sorry for my biases shining through.

maybe leeteuk isn't a super hero, but jungsu can't say he ever wanted to be one.Collapse )

a/n2: i really am horribly biased e___e but anyways. i think it's leeteuk's birthday right now in korea (even though it's early morning there i think) and i hope it will be a good day for him n__n leeteuk was actually my first bias in super junior, and while he isn't that anymore, he will always have a special place in my heart. saranghae, leader-sshi, stay strong and don't worry yourself to death ♥


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